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Resistance Board Weirs
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Resistance board weirs are innovative monitoring structures first used to manage Pacific salmon stocks in Alaska. The versatility, functionality, and reliability of resistance board weirs has increased their popularity recently and designs and applications have been adapted to manage a variety of fishery stocks nationwide. Their inherent advantage is direct enumeration of fish passage which provides highly accurate, real-time escapement counts.

Simple, yet functional design leads to straight forward construction, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Choosing the right site is critical, yet installation can occur in a short period of time, even in remote locations. The ability of resistance board weirs to collapse under high flow/debris levels allows them to resist 'blow-out', often when rigid weir structures are lost. Cramer Fish Sciences has been custom designing weirs to match specific project objectives and achieve desired results.

Learn more about how weirs work by visiting the "How do they work?" page.

VIDEO: An overview of the resistance board weir on the Stanislaus River, California

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